The Supreme Court must uphold Biden’s vaccine mandates — and fast

“A dire emergency is not the time to overturn decades of jurisprudence empowering federal agencies to act in the public interest.”

Opinion Column with Lawrence O. Gostin and Dorit Rubinstein Reiss, Washington Post, December 29, 2021

“The Supreme Court needs to uphold the president’s mandates without delay. Not doing so would be an affront to public health and the law.”

“Lower-court rulings that blocked the rules from taking effect were fundamentally flawed.”

“If the high court were to curb federal public health powers now, it could prove ruinous when the next crisis strikes.”

“The Supreme Court has a long history of upholding vaccination mandates, beginning with its seminal 1905 decision upholding smallpox vaccination and continuing with its 1944 ruling on the lawfulness of childhood vaccinations for school entry.”

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