Admissions for COVID-19 per 100 Emergency Department Visits: U.S. Sentinel Hospitals

Continuing to follow our cohort of 250 sentinel hospitals, we track aggregate weekly admissions for COVID-19 per 100 emergency department visits.

Our cohort consists of 250 hospitals with the highest volume of emergency department visits for COVID-19 since the week ending June 25, 2021. These sentinel hospitals are located in 164 counties in 41 states in the United States. During each week, for the cohort as a whole, we computed the ratio of total hospital admissions for COVID-19 to total emergency department visits for COVID-19.

The peak of 9.88 COVID-19 admissions per 100 ED visits for the week ending 8/13/21 occurred during the Delta wave in the United States. Admissions per 100 ED visits reached a minimum of 4.47 during the week ending 11/5. The most recent data for the week ending 12/10 show the rate at 6.03 admissions per 100 ED visits.

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